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Online Casino Guide – welcome to our website

Welcome toour casino guide, the best source of gaming information in our country! This site gives you everything you want to know to be able to play safely and with knowledge. Want to know which establishment is best for you to play according to your gaming preferences, or even payment methods? Want to find out which online casino is best for you, or how to play without a deposit to try? Count on us!

How to play in a real money online casino?
Playing for real money in an online casino is as simple as in a physical establishment. Major online casino platforms offer the player different deposit and withdrawal options, notably through electronic payment methods such as Neteller or Skrill. If you prefer, you can even do so by bank transfer. Moreover, by choosing a properly licensed online casino, the player is assured of the reliability of their transfers and the fact that they always have an answer if any questions arise. Then just play and… good luck!

No Deposit Bonus – Receive an Online Casino Bonus

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Want to try free games before investing more seriously? See the no deposit bonus promotions that the house can put at your disposal! It is common, when searching for ‘free online casino’, to find several possibilities to try for the first time and feel the ‘feeling’ of each game or variant. Count on us to find and learn more about free game offers.

Slots, roulette, poker or blackjack: what are the best games?
The answer to this question is entirely subjective. It depends on your taste or even the mood of the moment! If you just want to try your luck and have no guess, you can try slot machines in their many variants. After all, the time when there were only three reel machines with fruit icons is over. If you have any lucky numbers or feel the numbers are for you, roulette awaits your bet. For those who prefer the cards, there is blackjack and its ability to defeat the house dealer. And in the case of poker, we are already starting to move out of gambling, as it is also considered a sport. Moreover, poker has seen a great growth in the last two decades, both in terms of poker played between friends and in terms of options and demand for online poker.

The history and future of casinos in Europe

European casinos have a rich and very interesting history. The oldest of all, Figueira, was the first to operate in the Iberian Peninsula and helped establish the city of Figueira da Foz as a major tourist reference in the mid-twentieth century. Estoril, one of the largest establishments in Europe, was also a reference in a region historically sought by the European aristocracy for living and vacationing; the establishment will have inspired Ian Fleming to create the celebrated James Bond character.
The future of the industry is positive due to the combination of three major factors. First, the reputation for credibility and trust that the industry as a whole has always had; second, the growth of tourism, which has been bringing foreign players to our halls; Finally, the growth of the Internet and access to virtual games.

Play live with real dealers

Some players do not particularly appreciate online casino platforms. They feel too much like videogames, lacking the human element of the croupier, or the feeling of a real gaming table. It was for these players that the best platforms created the live games! What if instead of playing virtual roulette, you can play live roulette and watch your bets fall on a “physical” gaming table? What if you have a human dealer dealing in a live blackjack game? Camcorders will stream from the property to your computer as if you were there.

Is mobile casinos the future?
Mobile games are not just the future of online games; They are also beginning to be the present. Esc Online, Estoril Sol Casinos game portal, already has an app for those who want to play directly from the smartphone. Gradually, the major online casino platforms are expected to provide the same kind of access, as in Africa as in much of the world, people have embraced the habit of using the internet from mobile devices.


Legality, safety and reliability. Choose a licensed platform

Online casinos are a regulated activity through the Gambling Regulation and Inspection Service (SRIJ), which holds the issue of licenses for its legal operation. Platforms are audited and certified and should adopt responsible game promotion measures. In addition, you can consult the SRIJ website for a list of entities authorized to operate online gaming platforms. The goal, of course, is to protect the our players.
Our site only promotes online casinos that respect the rules of the game and offer the best user experience.

Sports betting, a growing phenomenon in South Africa

Sports betting is not new. From the time of Totobola it is known that the Portuguese, being very interested in football and sport in general, like to bet on the results. With the advent of the internet and online gambling, the phenomenon has been growing. New bookmakers, such as betclic, bet.pt or agfutebol.net, allow possibilities and variations on what you can bet (huge leagues, different sports, halftime results, etc.) that would have been unthinkable in the past. In addition, you can find first bet offers similar to online casino bonuses for new registrations; so enjoy!